Priorities - Job Opportunities & Infrastructure

Steady jobs and workforce development is the obvious pathway to building a stronger and prosperous region.

We must compete and prepare our children to compete for higher paying jobs.  We need reliable infrastructure to move goods and services in all directions so that WV become the natural choice for business investments. 

We need internet speeds to be the best in the region.  We need to create opportunities for small businesses to develop and expand their internet presence to grow their businesses and improve the economy.  Supporting the economy through homegrown small businesses is one way to make sure we change the course our shrinking population and encourage younger generations to invest in West Virginia. 

We need job opportunities for all education levels, experience, and skill sets.  While supporting coal activities, we still need to grow other businesses, and Southern West Virginia cannot turn away from federal resources such as POWER Grants (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization).  These federally funded initiatives target resources to help communities specifically impacted by job losses due to energy production.  The more we invest in our education, the greater the return for the entire region. 

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