Priorities - Healthcare & Costs

As a doctor, I recognize firsthand, the deficits in our healthcare system. There are areas that need to be addressed when it comes to cost and delivery of health care.  The cost of prescription medications will be one of my top priorities.  I want to find ways to decrease medication costs for everyone, keeping in mind the many senior patients on set incomes, who are struggling to pay for their medications and secondary insurance payments.    

While the ACA had its drawbacks, it benefited many West Virginians to obtain health care coverage for the first time. President Trump eliminated the cost sharing subsidies for enrollees, which will affect the overall costs to states and current enrollees. Some may even lose their current insurance plan. My plan is to go back to the table and find a better solution for everyone.  One avenue to address is the unnecessary tests and procedures that are done and costs millions of dollars nation-wide.  We have to stop practicing “defense medicine” or fear of being in litigation, and practice “evidence based”, “common sense medicine.”  One reason there are an over-abundance of tests being done in the ER and other health care settings is the fear of litigation.  This is another area of concern to me, unnecessary litigation for monetary gain.

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